Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Where have you been all my life?

That is the question that I directed at chunky peanut butter this morning. I have been eating smooth peanut butter for my WHOLE LIFE because everyone I have ever lived with likes to eat smooth peanut butter... and since I am so nice, I just went along with it.

But no more.

I bought chunky peanut butter the other day, because it looked so much yummier. And I was right. That shit is INSANE! It's so amazing. It is both smooth AND crunchy. Delish.

This was exactly how I felt this morning. (PS: Dear toothpaste for dinner, Please do not sue me.)

Chunky peanut butter, we are totally going to hang out all the time now! It's like how on Felicity, when Ben wrote in her year book that he wished that he had gotten to know her cause she always seemed pretty cool, but they never ran with the same crowds so they didn't really know each other. Then she followed him to New York and they totally became BFF and they even dated for awhile.

But don't worry. I'm not stalking you. Mostly because it's impossible to stalk something that can't move unless I move it. Also because stalking is weird. How about I just eat you and then when the jar is empty I will buy more? Sounds good to me.

This is going to be so great.

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