Friday, June 30, 2006

A brief summary.

So here's what my day has been like so far:

8:30am - Got to work. Was still giggling about Nacho Libre and trying not to forget hilarious movie quotes.

9:00am - Bragged to Platypus about how awesome the movie was and how he didn't get to see it yet.

9:30 am - Started to realise what a shitstorm I was going to have to deal with today.

10:30am - Engaged in more witty banter via email with coworkers. This is the only thing that keeps me from going bananas on Fridays.

11:30am - Got really hungry right about here. Did not have time to stop and eat for 5 mins.

12:30pm - Still pretty hungry. This sucks.

1:00pm - Started to feel a panic attack coming on. Kind of was about to hyperventilate.

1:30pm - Briefly considered forming an emo wannabe band called "Panic! At the Workplace."

1:45pm - "Beautiful" came on. God I hate that song. The funny part about this was that as soon as it came on I made a loud groaning noise at exactly the same time that Platypus came around the corner and did the exact same thing. Ha!

2:00pm - Right about now I really wished that people would not call me or email me. Because that means there is more work to do. Ugh.

2:30pm - I should be a goddamn sailor. As this is about the time that I could safely determine that I had successfully navigated the shitstorm. Watch out, George Clooney!

And now I have other pressing issues to deal with. Like drinking my face off. Word.

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