Monday, June 12, 2006

I am not as evil as you think I am because I give people presents for no reason.

Today I gave Bernie what I think is the coolest thing ever. This:

A can of BernieO's! If my name was Bernie, you're goddamn right I'd want this in my life. So awesome. If you ever see "SarahO's", please buy them for me. It will be a shining moment in my life.

Another super exciting thing that happened today was that I finally found a song that I had been searching for! This illusive search started the last time I got my hair cut. Alan and I were rockin' out to his super sweet ipod randomness and this song came on. I freaked out a little. It's totally rockin'. It will make you feel better for secretly loving Kelly Clarkson. Because I know you totally do.

On Saturday, I went to the Railway Club with Jess to check out Sparrow. It was absolutely lovely. I can't recommend them highly enough. SO GOOD. If you don't believe me, CLICK HERE. If you don't love it, then maybe we can't hang out anymore. (It's okay. I'll still love you anyways, cupcake. Just not as passionately as I once did.)

Love you, bitches!

PS: I loves me some Old School. Mostly because I loves me some Luke Wilson. I also loves me some TBS Superstation for playing it 4 times yesterday, even though I only watched it once. Sadly, there were no hilarious "wet brained binker" type edits. That kinda sucks, cause those are the best. Like when you find a stranger in the alps.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure like someone would accually make saraho's. remember we used to eat mario brothers pasta from a can with toast, it was the yums.

sarah said...

It was the yums. Plus it was cute. I liked to sing the song and eat. "Do do do dodododo dodo dodo dodo do dodo do..."

We are so goddamn like the same person. I bet you would say yes to ice cream...

Anonymous said...

Maybe to fozen yougurt, but not ice cream.