Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm temporarily in love with a stranger...

...and in 15 minutes I'll be moving on down the road.

Last night I saw Buck 65 at the Commodore. It was SUPER AMAZING. He's quite sharp, that one. Perhaps it was the oddly sexual jokes between songs... or his fantastically spastic dancing... or the utter cuteness of his one-hand-on-the-hip stage posture, but I think I fell a little bit in love with him last night. It's a goddamn shame I'm not volunteering at the hotel today, because I'm pretty sure that I would stand a decent chance of meeting him. *sigh*

ANYWAYS, here's a clip from a show he played last week somewhere, and I do believe he was wearing this exact same thing last night. The song is called "What Grace Means" and is apparently about his niece, Grace. It is perhaps the cutest and sweetest song EVER, and I strongly suspect that this is the real reason behind my new found love. Enjoy!

Soooo cute. *sigh*

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