Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Go team awesome!

Today is Survivor day. I am super-stoked. I had to come into work early today... for no apparent reason, really. But I'm totally okay with it. Because I'm cool like that.

There is half an hour before we get to head out. So... again with the waiting. Always with the waiting. I think I will need to change my shirt ratio, due to a poor calculation of the weather. I am currently wearing 3 tank tops and a hoodie. This could be bad news, since it does not appear to be hot enough for the hoodie... yet not warm enough for the tank tops. It's a good thing I brought me some sleeves. Woot!

I just now realized how weird it sounds to say that I am wearing 3 shirts. But I am usually wearing a minimum of 2 on a daily basis. That's just how I roll. I enjoy working with the layers. What can I say? This is how we do it up.

HURRY UP, TIME! I'm 'bout ready to THROW DOWN. Like Randy "Macho Man" Savage did to people on a regular basis back in the day. (NOTE: I am very proud of myself for integrating the Macho Man reference. This is not something you hear every day.)

Gotta go. I have 15 mins to figure out how to use my out-of-office reply. I have never been out-of-office before, so I am new to this scene.

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