Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Go Team Awesome!

Today I was faced with the tremendously intimidating task of trying to come up with a team name. It is SO HARD. Everything I think of has the word "awesome" in it (ie: Team Awesome, The People's Republic of Awesome) or is ripped off from some tv show that nobody else but me cares about (ie: Jesse and the Rippers). I swear, if my team were made up of people my age that were exactly like me in every way, that last one would have killed.

So I am stuck. Hopefully one of my other super awesome team members will come up with something brilliant. Cause if you're looking for brilliant, you ain't gonna find it here, sugar.

ANYWAYS, so this whole tv show thing got me thinking about something. I have always wished to be a part of a group of friends that calls each other by nicknames from M*A*S*H.

Seriously. How cool would that be? But how do you figure out who gets to be which character?

Now obviously, I truly wish I was a Hot Lips Houlihan. But let's face it. I'm probably more of a Radar, than anything else. (It's those goddamn glasses. And the short hair.) I wouldn't mind being a BJ Hunnicut either, cause that guy was witty. Much like myself. (HA!)

You can't just give yourself a nickname, or else I'd have a million sweet ones by now. But so far, I don't have anything decent. All I'm asking for is one super cool nickname. Even if it's not from M*A*S*H. Anything from a John Hughes movie would also be pretty okay.

That is all. See ya, sport-o.

PS: I have been waiting for a situation to arise where I could call someone "Sport-o", but nobody I know is allowing this to happen. Do any of you people even play sports? Own running shoes, even? COME ON! I may have to give some attitude to some volleyball nerds down at Kits in order to facilitate this, so I might need some backup.

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