Thursday, June 01, 2006

What's up? I'm the captain of the idiot patrol. Nice to meet you.

I'm beginning to wonder if one can actually develop A-D-D over a gradual period of time. Cause I'm pretty sure I have it. I've done about 3 things completely back-asswards already and it's not even lunch time!

I swear, I am getting stupider by the minute. I blame this on the media. (Just seems like the appropriate place to lay blame... everyone else does it!)

Maybe I should read War and Peace - backwards and upside down for the extra challenge - just to make myself feel normal again.



Anonymous said...

Captain? Criipes, I'd put you as Commander in General. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAA!
Unfortunately that would make me Emperor...or Jeebas.

sarah said...

That is so incredibly hilarious. I'm seriously dying of laughter right now. Somebody help me. Medic. Medic. I'm dying of laughter over here.

This would really be happening... IF WE LIVED IN BACKWARDS-LAND.

Anonymous said...

Only Jeebas can damn you to hell in Backwards Land...bow down to Jeebas.

Unknown said...

What would Jeebas do? I get to be Jeebas' Viceroy. I will do your bidding and dirty work. HAIL LODR! There was a church by my house when I was a kid and someone changed the HAIL LORD sign to HAIL LODR... always made us laugh even though it actually wasn't all that funny. What WAS funny was when my buddy's sister stole the second 'R' from the 'Mr.Soft Drink' sign at the mini-mall... you do the math.

Anonymous said...

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