Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This is why I look so confused all the time.

Apparently I have the attention span of a goldfish. I think that is about 9 seconds or so. What the hell? WHAT THE HELL??

But really, this is becoming a huge problem for me. When I am working on something, I can get about a good solid 5 mins of work in before something else comes along and distracts me. It is getting really bad. REALLY BAD.

No. Seriously. It's B-A-D.

When I took my shower this morning, I forgot to wash my goddamn hair.

So there I am, with 7 mins to spare before I gotta catch the bus blowdrying my hair and trying to figure out why it looks so weird. Then I touched it and realized it did not feel like clean hair. I took a minute to see if I could remember actually washing my hair... before yelling out "Oh shit. You stupid fuckwit, you forgot to wash your hair!"

So it's 7:54am and there I am, fully clothed with my head in the sink trying to keep the shampoo out of my eyes.

I'm pretty sure I made this exact face this morning. Minus the binky. (I heard a mom call it that before. Is that wrong? Kinda sounds wrong... like... morally so.)

Oh, you laugh now. But guess who got to work with 5 mins to spare, bitches?

That's right. ME. I may be a complete moron sometimes, but I really can pull off feats of incredible amazingness.


Unknown said...

I heard somewhere that people don't actually NEED to wash their hair. I think it was that haircutting dude on 'What Not to Wear' He said he hadn't washed his hair in a year. Apparently it finds a 'natural balance.' That's gross.

Anonymous said...

Sarah baby, you rock my world! I am all about the squeeky-clean hair. If I didn't have your blog to distract me all day, I'd jump out the window. Thanks!

sarah said...

*Thank you, thank you...*

Now about this hair washing business... when he says "natural balance", I take it he means the entire new self-sustaining ecosystem that would develop on your head after not washing your hair for a year. Grody.

Anonymous said...

I'm hairy all does that mean I should technically only use shampoo in the shower? That'd be weird. Body wash rules. Deodorant rules...I use 4 kinds...Sully knows, oh, he's all about the deodorant, let me tell you...all about it it. Where was I...right, someone answer my damn question.

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Anonymous said...

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