Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I spy with my little eye... stuff you can see from a boat!

This weekend, I did the coolest thing ever.

I went on a boat.

Coincidentally, we were actually gone for about 3 hours. Weird!

Do you know what I saw on the boat??? Otters! And Eagles! And sea lions! And people on the nudie beach! (Though, I'll admit we were to far away to tell if there were actually people on the beach... but I just assumed they were there.)

I really liked the boat ride. It was a little bit of awesome, wrapped up in crazy amazingness! But do you know what my favourite part of the day was?

When Steph and I stalked a beaver.

He pretty much looked like this. Hello, funny little guy! Look at him! He's HILARIOUS! He swims and eats grass! SO FUNNY!

Don't be pervy! It was an actual beaver! He swam across from the other side of the river to the boat dock to get some food. We watched him eat and then he got annoyed with us harassing him so he slid off the bank and swam away.

But then we found him again. We chased him all the way to the other side of the dock and ended up standing about a foot away from him while he ate. IT WAS CRAZY!!!

Did you ever see a beaver eating grass on a dock 1 foot away from you? I don't think you did. I don't think you ever will. I think you are 100% JEALOUS!

I was pretty surprised that he let us get so close. Steph said it was because of our open body posture (palms out, people!) which conveyed that we were welcoming.

I liked that beaver. He had a funny tail and he made funny noises when he ate. He also had whiskers. It was cute city over there!


Anonymous said...

So I have a bit of sad news, cute little Oreo had to be put down last night :(.

sarah said...


I liked Oreo. What happened?

Lydia said...

What's an Oreo? I'm sad too, already.

sarah said...

An Oreo is a super cute little dog that has black ears and white in the middle of her face. She belonged to Myles.

So, that's why it is so sad. Poor little Oreo...