Friday, May 19, 2006

Harsh words sound so sweet sometimes...

Sometimes when you are having a conversation, you come up with the most clever and witty remarks. And sometimes they are so scathing... so mean... and so awesome. I would like to share one from yesterday. I loved it. So hard.

Dave was getting very angry about how people pronounce the word "sherbet" as "sure-bert". (or as I like to phrase it, "Sure, Bert!") He was very angry. He threatened physical violence towards anyone who dares to be such an illiterate fool. (NOTE: Illiterate fool is the new insult of the 90's. USE IT.) Here was my response:

From: Sarah
To: Dave
Subject: RE: Hey Dave...

I used to yell at the illiterate fools in effing kindergarten who said shit like "lie-berry". What I do not understand is why some IDIOTS still say it like that. I've heard them.
That's what you get when you are home-schooled by your mom/aunt/sister who, coincidentally, are all the same person.

To: Sarah
From: Dave
Subject: RE: Hey Dave...


YEAH, I SAID IT!!! I love it when I am so mean for no reason to no one in particular.


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