Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Jump on it!

Yo. There is a party going on in my office this morning, and I gotta say... it is BUMPIN'!

All the cool kids are here... me, Afrika Bambaataa, some colourful highlighters and a big ol' mound of paper. This is the shizznit!

Wooooo! PARTY!!! I don't know these guys. They are not at my party. But I just told them they could come and they are super excited. Jojo says, "Two thumbs UP, bitches!"

There is some insane dancing going on in here right now. Like the behind the desk versions of pop n' locking, the desk robot, and my super sweet sitting-at-the-computer b-girl moves. It's kinda like how you dance when you are sitting down in the car, but you have more room and if someone totally catches you doing it you really can't escape by driving faster. You just have to sit there and let them laugh at you.

But keep in mind that they are probably only laughing because they are jealous of your super sweet skillz and they know in their hearts that they could never, EVER, throw it down like you can.

Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Uh-oh! HERE COMES THE HAMMER!!!

That is seriously what song was just on. Good god, I love my Sugarhill Gang Pandora!!


I can barely handle the awesomeness of this.


Hey, if you are in the neighborhood why don't you pop in for some crazy fun times at my super sweet dance party? There's tons of room... because my office is HUGE. HAHAHA! But seriously. I have 2 chairs for guests.


Anonymous said...

Huh...Hammer was ripped...who knew?
I sure didn't cause there have never EVER been pants that big anywhere EVER!

Except maybe in Rita MacNeil's closet...next to the Mumu's and Hoho emergency packs.

sarah said...

I would just like the internet world to know that I think Rita McNeil's "Hoho emergency pack" is perhaps one of the funiiest things I have ever heard.

Good one, platypus.

I am now going to close the door to my office and practice yelling in German. I don't want to shame the family by doing it wrong.