Monday, May 15, 2006

Smiling through the pain...(THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!)

Okay, I am what is known in some circles as a "klutz". The only redeeming quality about being one of these is that the word sounds like maybe it is Yiddish, and that is a little bit of awesome. BUT, other than the Yiddish factor, it sucks.

I was just now attempting to sit cross-legged in my office chair (if my mom was reading this she'd be all "Why can't you just sit like a normal person? That's how accidents happen..." BLAH BLAH BLAH) when I managed to smack my ankle real good on my desk. This is one of those situations when if you were at home, you'd be shrieking like Mariah and reaching the upper octaves with minimal effort... but NO. You are at work. So instead you whisper some mild swears and make apparently hilarious grimacy faces which people interpret as an attempt at French-style comedy... which actually pisses you off even more because YOU ARE IN PAIN!!!!!

OHHH! And she's DOWN! That's gotta hurt, Bob.

However, it shall be noted that if this identical situation should occur to a co-worker, feel free to laugh it up!

ANYWAYS, how ironic that I should injure myself yet again just as I am about to post about the ouchie factor of 5.2 that my sunburn is currently giving me. (5.2 is mild annoyance, BTW. I use a way different pain scale which cannot be calculated by conventional means.)

I am going to go buy some super industrial strength sunblock on my way home from work today. Woot! Hindsight is not so much a bitch as it is a dirty, ugly whore. (Again, I use a personalized verbal pain scale... "dirty, ugly whore" is way worse.)

My ankle has stopped throbbing for the moment. YEAH, BITCHES! I'll be back on my A-game in no time.

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