Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sneaky Sneakerson Strikes Again!!

That will be the headline in tomorrow's paper. Because I am practicing the art of sneaking today. I suspect that all my practice will indeed pay off... after all, that is how you get to Carnegie Hall! (HA! That's an old band teacher joke. Band teacher jokes are always lame.)

I decided to practice sneaking up on people because I am wearing my kung fu shoes again today and I discovered that they are very quiet shoes when you are walking on carpet. Lucky for me, the entire upper floor of the building I work in is carpeted. This makes it PRIME SNEAKING TERRITORY!

It makes for interesting and hilarious conversation. Here is an excerpt from a conversation I just had with a co-worker:

Me: (whispering) "There are no faxes. Yay."
Him: "Why are you whispering?"
ME: "Because. I'm practicing sneaking around."
Him: "Ahhh... so you are improving your steath..."
ME: "Exactly. I need to get ready for when I get my ninja shoes. Word on the street is that they are very quiet shoes."
Him: "Well, yeah... but that depends on what pants you wear with them."
ME: "Good point. But come on, it's not like I'm going to wear corduroys! That would ruin everything."
Him: "Totally."
ME: "I'm gonna go practice some more. Watch out!"
**then I snuck around the corner again**

I love sneaking.


Anonymous said...

Keep practicing, because I TOTALLY heard you.
I can't sneak in my uberly-great-vegan sneaks because for some reason they fart. Well, not so much fart as make a noise like when you pour out a can of tomato soup into a pot and it goes "shloop-peep-shlush".
That's the same sound my uberly-great-vegan sneaks make when I walk...sorta.

sarah said...

My shoes are super loud today, so the sneaking didn't work so well.

What's so great about vegan shoes, hippy? (What you don't know is that I ate vegan cake yesterday...)

I just told you to "Shut it" about 30 seconds ago and it was HILARIOUS!! Way better than just saying "Shut up". You wish you said it first. BUT YOU DIDN'T!