Monday, May 29, 2006

Awesome or Not Awesome?

This is one of the best games ever to play. One might say it is AWESOME. Let's giver!

Other people having babies = Awesome.

He's right. You should probably not trust hippies.

Also awesome: Me NOT having babies. Totally awesome.

The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album = AWESOME.

This album is SO GOOD. It rocks the following things SO HARD:

a) the party that rocks the party.
b) your socks off.
c) my world.
d) your world, likely.
e) the mic.
f) your mom.

I have approx. 45 pairs of shoes = AWESOME.

Realizing that I have to get rid of some of them = NOT AWESOME.

Cat Stevens = AWESOME.

Hello, sailor! If you currently look like this, email me. Perhaps we have things in common... like extreme hotness.

Parents finding out that you listen to Cat Stevens and then reminiscing about the crazy things they used to do whilst listening to Cat Stevens... = NOT AWESOME.

Blogging at work = AWESOME.

Working at work = NOT AWESOME.

Guess what I have to go do now.

I'll give you a hint: it is not 100% awesome.


PS: One more. Posting pictures on your blog and then blogger WILL NOT LET YOU HAVE THE LAYOUT THE WAY YOU WANT IT TO LOOK = NOT AWESOME.

Fucking thing.


Anonymous said...

Mina getting hired full time today =Awsome. Mina not having a car to get to work = NOT AWSOME. and guess what... I am at work right now. Awsome huh?

p.s.- Cat Stevens is awsome. And I think that we should meet up at metrotown on frtiday after work.

sarah said...

WHY ARE YOU USING THE INTERNET ON COMPANY TIME??? Shame on you. I'm so telling Mom.

Way to go on getting full time. That is super sweet.

Also, I got new shoes. They are super cute and make me slightly taller. It's so hot.

Unknown said...

Oh, oh, I got one...


Tuscan Chicken Footlong from Subway = AWESOME (minus the gristle)

Anonymous said...

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