Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh, Grandma...

I just had lunch with my mom and grandma. Now, I should explain to you that my grandma is not your typical sweater-knitting, bridge-playing kind of Grandma. I have the swearing, make fun of people all the time, sarcastic kind of grandma. (Wait a minute... so THAT'S why I am the way I am!!!!)

I wanted to share with you two of my favourite quotes of today. Goddamnit, this woman is funny.

Grandma's reaction to my mom telling her about this baby in China that was born with 3 arms, and now they are trying to decide which one to cut off:

"Oh, that's just terrible. They should leave all of them and train him as a waiter. He'll be fine!"

Grandma on my future career options:

"Oh well don't worry about it dear. After all, you live in BC. You can always sell dope if you need to make the rent."

And this is why my grandma is so awesome.

Does this help to explain some things to you? Good lord...


Anonymous said...

Your Nanna's got a sailor mouth.

But she's right about that three armed kid...He'd so rock the drinktrays with three arms...2 trays, one hand to hand out the drinkages. AND, he'd be the only person in the world that could claim he triple fisted drinks all night long.

sarah said...

Child, you don't know the half of it!

And you all wondered why I use the swears so much... and the sarcasm...

Anonymous said...

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