Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Yo, Mick Jagger! Stop your whining! There is plenty of satisfaction to go around.

And yesterday, I found some more of it!

My aunt bought a new car from the same dude that sold me my car. As a result of me recommending him, I got a piece of the action! They sent me a cheque for one-hundred smackers! Good times, I say.

THEN... I decided that I wanted to eat pancakes for dinner. Lydia really got on board with it too. That meant that I got to go grocery shopping at Buy-Low which I love cause it's so awesomely ghetto. They had my all natural face wash TOTALLY cheaper than anywhere else. So I bought it. That place is so awesome. Plus, when I was there I saw 2 amazing things:
1) a really huge immigrant protest. They were pretty mad. It's so awesome when people with varying accents chant and yell.
2) A large, gruff looking man (possibly works in construction...) buying 30 lemons. That's it. Just 30 lemons. I found it sort of odd that he had needed to count precisely 30 lemons. I like to think that he was making some sort of elaborate centerpiece.

Then I ate breakfast for dinner. (Erin, if you are reading this... don't worry. There was still ice cream for dessert. That is my blogular reference to Me, You and Everyone We Know. It is a lovely movie.) Pancakes, bacon, sausage and eggs. DE-LISH. Wonderfully satisfying.

There were some pancakes left over so I ate them for breaky. I was so happy!

You thought THAT was awesome... this is what I am doing TOMORROW!

Then this morning my awesome boss bought me a green tea frap. Also satisfying.

When I go home, it is possible that the attractive carpenters may still be working on our house. This is great because a) they are fixing things that need to be fixed, b) we are getting a new door, and c) they are attractive. Again, all very satisfying.

Basically, there are fun and satisfying times to be had by all.

Keef. Looking satisfied. Pre-tree.

Except for Keith Richards. He fell out of a coconut tree in Fiji. That probably hurt. He is probably not satisfied.


Embot said...

I'm so down the the buy-low. Although their produce is sub-standard at times, have you seen the buhdonculously huge bags of indian spices? Oh the curry I could make.

sarah said...

Even better is the current sale on KETTLE CHIPS!!!!

Those things are delicious, yet also completely evil.

Anonymous said...

I bet your pancakes weren't as good as the ones I had at ihop on saturday. strawberry. yum. And perhaps the guy was making lemonaid. soo... uh... wanna lend me $100?

Anonymous said...

ice cream for dessert - nice. as for me, i'm feeling too old to drive.