Thursday, June 22, 2006


This just happened 2 mins ago. It was so cute I had to post it right away, before I forgot about it. The following conversation just occured outside my office:

Boss: "Do you have a green thumb?"
Cutest work lady ever (CWLE): "Oh no. I have a lousy thumb! There is no greeness in there at all."
B: *laughs* "Oh, I don't think you're that bad."
CWLE: "I've made plants cry before. It was sad."

HOW CUTE IS THAT????????? Pretty cute.

PS: On the way to the bus this morning, out of nowhere, I heard this REALLY LOUD singing. I think it was the kid across the street listening to his iPod. Weird thing is, he only sang one line and that was it. He was walking along, silently... and then...


And then silence again. So weird. Plus, he totally sounded like a girl. What a spaz!

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