Sunday, June 04, 2006

An open letter to Sunday.

Dear Sunday,

You are awesome. We should totally hang out more. Do you want to come over to my house and watch Saved by the Bell? Cause that is what I am doing right now. It is one of the episodes where they are working at the beach club. AC Slater walks around in swim trunks all the time. It is good times. Things will only get better from here... because Full House is on after this! It is the one where Uncle Jesse tries to learn how to dance so he can get a record contract. I love it. So hard.

ANYWAYS, I just wanted to say thanks for being you. BFF!



PS: If any of you fools can think of awesomer ways to spend a Sunday, I'd like to hear about it. Because I think it's tough to top these sweet plans!


Coming soon to a SUPER SWEET WEEKEND near you, bitches.

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