Monday, June 05, 2006

Miss Stephanie says something inappropriate AND HILARIOUS!

Here is an excerpt from a conversation which took place last night. I did not deliver the punchline. It was all Steph on this one!

Me: "Where are we going to eat?"
Steph: "Well, we've got Chinese, Japanese, Pasta, Pizza, or as Tracy suggested, Ethiopian."
Me: "Ethiopian, totally." (with sarcasm)
Steph: "What is Ethiopian food anyways? I thought they didn't eat."
*laughing, laughing*
Me: "Well that was just horrible... awful, really... good one!"

The End.


Anonymous said...

You are both going to H-E-double hockey sticks.
Which is very appropriate for today, being Debil Day and all (June 6 '06...get it?).

See ya there!

Anonymous said...

as harry in "when harry met sally" says, "oh an ethopian restaurant. this should be quick. we'll get two empty plates and we'll leave."

funny, yes. but it's important to note that ethiopian food is absolutely divine. you should try it at the place on broadway near fraser. we can go next time i'm in town...

sarah said...

I hear you get to eat with your hands. This is good news, since I like to make messes that I don't have to clean up!