Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yo. My name is Betty Bitter Britches.

So yeah. Karma. What's the deal with that shit?? I'm still trying to wrap my head around the concept. I get the basic principles... if you do bad shit, bad shit will happen to you and vice versa. What I do not understand, is how even if you do a ton of really GOOD things but sneak in a very tiny bad thing... you still get screwed.

Heh. His name is totally Earl. I wonder if he too has karmic issues.

Yesterday, I thought I was pretty nice. I didn't do anything mean! (That is a very impressive thing for me, btw.) But what happens? I get home, and the roofers have made a goddamn mess. I make it all the way to the door without injury, WHEN (dun dun DUNNNNNNNNNN!) I stepped on a friggin' nail!

It was at this point when I was no longer able to keep my usual zen-like state of being. I friggin' lost it. I started yelling about tetanus shots and the importance of taking pride in your workspace by CLEANING UP AFTER YOURSELVES because PEOPLE LIVE DOWNSTAIRS... and how I don't care about the goddamn roof anyways because I live in the friggin' basement... and how if I had to go get a shot I was going to tear somebody a new one. Yes, they were still up on the roof during my outburst. Windows were open, they very well could have heard me. At that point I didn't really give a crap.

It was all kind of comical, I suppose. But now I am wondering... did I just fuck myself over AGAIN, karmically speaking? Because I think I heard somewhere that yelling at hired help was no longer "appropriate". And I'm not even the one paying those bitches. So now I'm kind of frightened. What will happen next????

I don't even want to think about it.


Lydia said...

i hate the roofers too. i was in the laundry room while they were about 6 feet above me, showering down liberal amounts of dirt while i tried to put clothes in the dryer. a new roof benefits us in no way. give us new floors.

sarah said...

And now those a-holes are mad because my car is in the way? I got news for those jerks:


Stick a goddamn nail in your foot and then maybe we can talk.

Anonymous said...

Here's the bad thing that's gonna happen...Skippy's back at work.

That totally sucks...Thanks ALOT slacker.