Friday, June 02, 2006

It tastes (and smells) like burning.

I had some yams that I needed to heat up to put on a salad. I put it in the microwave for about 1 minute to heat them up.

Those little bastards burnt to a crisp.

Now the whole building smells like burning.

There was smoke coming out of the microwave! There was panic in the lunch room! Tupperware was sacrificed! And now my clothes smell like fire.

So kids, the message is: don't mess around with yams, because they mean business.

Seriously. They will fuck up your shit.

And make you smell like camping.


Anonymous said...

What I have to ask is this:

Who the hell eats Yams in June?

I mean, Christmas or Thanksgiving ok...but in June? On a salad? Yams don't go on salad!! Chicken, croutons and salad dressing go on salad!! You are mad! MAD!!!!!!

Oh, and thank you for telling me you made the burning smell...I was getting a little concerned there for a moment.

sarah said...

Apparently, you did not get the yam memo.

How does it feel, living on the outside?


sarah said...


The following is an excerpt from a conversation about the yams:

ME: "Do you know how to get the smell of burnt yams off of your hands?"

Bernie: "Burnt yams? What?"

ME: "Yeah, burnt yams. That's what I said."

Bernie: "Why did you burn yams? You're not supposed to burn them, you know."

ME: "Well, it was an accident, OBVIOUSLY."

*insert audience laughter here*

No, really. That line got big laughs. HUGE.

Unknown said...

Guess what was on for the lunch special at the cafeteria today... butternut squash soup. Yup. Help me get Bernie back... he hates me.

sarah said...


Maybe I should move there... butternut soup, butternut LANE... those are my people !

Don't worry. Bernie will come back. He just needs time to heal.

He came and recited the bitter email to me... complete with the typey fingers. Oh, how I love it when Bernie does the typey fingers. When he's talking about emails, he can't not do it. So funny.