Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm a little unsure as to how I should feel about this...

My own personal hero has decided to pose nude... AGAIN.

No, it's not Pam Anderson... though why she is not the personal hero of all of us, I will never understand. It is DAVID SUZUKI.

I really wish he would stop doing that! It gives me conflicted feelings and I just don't know what to make of it. This is the problem:

There he is. The Nude-Zuki. (I made that up all by myself! *rock*)

DUDE IS RIPPED. Look at those rock hard abs for god's sake! I don't know anyone MY age that has those! THE MAN IS 70 YEARS OLD!!!

Hence the conflicting feelings.

I should be all, "Ewww gross! Naked old guy!" Which I kind of am.

But I'm a little bit, "Good GOD, he has a little bit of a smokin' hot body." Which makes me feel very, VERY uncomfortable.

It does, however, give me some incentive to work out or something. If I look like that at 70, life will be pretty okay, I think.

If I looked like that NOW, life would be pretty AWESOME!!!!!

If I had it, I suppose I would want to do a little bit of the flaunting it also.

Alright, Suzuki. Nude it up, if you must.

Hey, did you hear that kids? I think I've just come full circle.

(NOTE: I hereby declare that I intend to copyright the phrase "Nude it up". It's just too awesome not to.)


Lydia said...

Where did you find that photo, Suzuki-stalker? I think it is lovely in an artistic way.

sarah said...

On the CBC website. It is big news. Right on the front page. It's not like I went looking for it.